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Why Work With GradCapFinder?


We have seen that the most successful PhD students create a strong community to leverage their support and guidance in the PhD process. At GCF, we help students identify the existing members of their community and find new mentors. The world map displays where our students are located and the community of PhDs we have built at GCF.


We recognize that successful PhD candidates continuously assess themselves and their work. We aim to provide students constructive opportunities to evaluate themselves. This process pushes students to strive for constant improvement and learning. GCF has supported students in their growth journey all over the world.


GCF supports the process of producing knowledge for the world to consume. Through our work with our PhD community we help students directly translate their efforts into knowledge. Join our global community of knowledge creators so we can support your effort to make a difference.

Using experiences selected from working with over 100 successful PhDs, our book provides an overview of the graduate school experience for learners.

Learn To:

  • Define the uncertainty in the graduate school experience
  • Interpret analysis, professionalism, and writing as a graduate learner
  • Integrate laughing, crying, and learning into the graduate experience
  • Construct an exit strategy from their experience as a learner.
Dr. Dane Bozeman
  • 106 completed disertations
  • Multiple peer reviewed articles
  • Dozens of policy papers
  • Numerous government reports
  • 4 multi-million dollar NSF grants

Dr. Dane Bozeman

Dr. Dane Bozeman is the founder of GradCapFinder. He graduated with his doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M University in 2010. He believes the world becomes a better place when people care enough to achieve their doctorate. His professional work experience includes 7 years as a Mathematics and Science teacher in public and private secondary schools, 8 years as a university instructor for both undergraduate and graduate level courses in Human Cognition and Statistics, and over 10 years as a researcher on Life, Physical, and Social science projects.

Dane believes completed dissertations represent both individual and community achievements. With a background in all three sciences, he works with graduate students to tailor individual learning experiences. In doing so, Dane emphasizes four themes – the learner, knowledge, assessment, and community. By emphasizing these four themes, Dane ensures the students he works with make the most of their graduate school experience.

Dane, through GradCapFinder, has personally worked with over 100 graduate students - from the US, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East - in the past decade. These students represent diverse academic fields; including, Criminology, Education, Engineering, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. Dane has worked with these students to complete dissertations and take leadership positions in the academy, industry, and public policy arenas.

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